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Beneath our feet was Micha Ullman's memorial to the books burned in 1933; the glass plate reveals a series of empty white bookcases marking the spot.
Emma Darwin introduces the Instant Gratification Monkey, and his role as a productivity aid in her writing life.
It would be over twenty years before I had another story published after my first grade success, but I wasn't discouraged. I've never needed a lot of encouragement.

Christie Dickason speaks with Gabriel Gbadamosi about truthfulness in writing, why she chose the 17th century for her historical novels, and the influence on her work of being a 'wild child'.

One memorable weekend I shed seventeen thousand words. The corollary of writing a loose first draft is being ready for the sacrifice it entails.
Rebecca Mascull describes some of the ways in which she tries to achieve historical authenticity through immersive research into a period.
There's more creativity in a collection of science fiction stories than in a whole library of literary giants replaying the same human failings over and again.
I wear a lot of red. It's a simple tactic... finding any way I can to embody the Deadly Dame angle helps to tie in the crime novel with the crime writer.