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From the Starship Enterprise to Star Wars, it's wall-to-wall screens with not a bookshelf in sight; when books do appear in future homes they're usually part of a dystopian vision.
Under contract to produce my second novel and with the clock loudly ticking, the strain of not being able to write was disastrously compounded by the strain of divorce.

Cynthia Rogerson takes us on a wry and rueful whistlestop tour of the perils, pleasures and pitfalls of the writing life, for both writers and those who have to put up with them.

Anna Reynolds encounters a perplexing dilemma when an ostensible writing necessity, the ‘room of one’s own’, becomes an obstacle to progress instead of a creative oasis.

It annoys me that Romeo is fickle; that chance plays a major role, or that Romeo evades the death sentence for killing Tybalt. And Rosaline, Rosaline is just a better name.
My single-line sentence raised questions. Who was the woman? Why was she vulnerable to an affair? Who did she have it with? Why did she end it? Why did the lover blackmail her?
If the Muse is playing hard to get, I start with a scene I feel I know better, and if that works, I write another one. And then I join them up.
Plans so detailed as to be half a book in themselves. Finishing off each day with a paragraph in capitals of What I Am Going To Write Next. Rehearsing the next section in my head as I walk the dog.
Most often I get stuck at the ends and beginnings and of chapters. I can't start the next chapter until the end of the last one is right. I know this usually means that whatever I've written has to be cut.