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'Six French-speaking poets got together with six English-speaking poets, and translated each other's poems. What became clear was that some of the French poets were operating with a very different aesthetic than the English-speaking poets.'
Arthur Rimbaud: rebel poet, precocious surrealist and ill-fated adventurer. Cliff Forshaw describes his fascination with Rimbaud and how translating his work led to a reinvention of the man himself.
'The writers who first deeply influenced me were the Modernists; Woolf, Pound, Eliot, H.D. All working the edges of meaning, re-imagining form and image, experimenting.'
Since Shakespeare delighted Elizabeth I by giving Sir John Falstaff his own play, characters from stories have often had afterlives — existences outside the works that gave birth to them. John Pilkington argues that appropriating a character, and turning him or her into someone new, is very different from writing a mere sequel.
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