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For more than thirty years Henry James kept a writer’s diary in which he recorded his observations, ideas for works-in-progress, and reflections on writing. Miranda Miller examines their contents and finds useful advice for modern novelists.

Mirza Waheed speaks with Ann Morgan about his childhood in Kashmir and the injustice and violence he witnessed there, encountering the English literary canon in Delhi, and the influence of those experiences when writing his first novel in London.

'In recent decades I've largely read novels or non-fiction, but then I got involved with a community based RLF project, the Reading Round, which is entirely built around short fiction, and my interest was revived.'

William Palmer explains the importance of craft, skill and empathy in successful fiction, and examines where novice writers often go wrong.

John Siddique introduces the 'laboratory' of his notebook’s pages, and explains how keeping a journal can lead to 'a more conscious and loving way to live'.

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