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There's no end, no tedium, in a lifelong love affair with language, just small endings when you reach the conclusion of another piece of work.
I am never without a book. It would be tortuous for me to be on a journey, short or long, without something to read. I have books in the bathroom, bedroom and the living room.
I identified with these hobos. I lived in digs with my parents in one room. They were in a small bed and I was on a horsehair sofa. Several other men of different nationalities shared two other small rooms.
Every writer has a file, a drawer or a cupboard of unfinished or unpublished books. After going through his own dusty box file, Rupert Christiansen considers the classic novels that once lived as ‘zombies’ — and finds new hope that his own may yet come to life.
Early in his career, Jonathan Tulloch vowed never to write about his father. But after watching him die he wondered what had stopped him mining what, for many other writers, has proved one of the richest seams: the father/son relationship. By describing their shared passion for rare birds, he finds a way to write about that relationship for the very first time.