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One of the great pleasures of re-reading something is that the pressure is off. You can skip the bits you don't fancy revisiting and just read the bits you love, secure in the knowledge that you haven't missed anything.
He is fearful and hopeless, shabby and disreputable-looking; even his eventual martyrdom is squalid and he fluffs his final words. What impressed me, though, is that he keeps on trying.
He paid his groom an extra five pounds a year to wake him up early every morning with a cup of coffee so that he could be at his desk at half past five.
I remember my own 21st birthday, and my wedding day, and I also have these imaginary memories of scaling the rooftops of Ghent and splashing through the Brussels sewers to try to get away from a serial killer.
A series of uncanny coincidences leads novelist and ghost-story writer Helen Grant on the trail of M.R. James and the lost stained-glass windows that inspired his eerie story ‘The Treasure of Abbot Thomas’. Her quest takes her to Germany and then back to Britain; it also leads her to the heart of the question of what motivates her as a writer.