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'The tables at Simple Pleasures were occupied by people on laptops; coders, writers, poets, songsters. Nobody looked as if they had more than two cents to rub together. My writing flew at that café, winged on optimism: everyone powered by dreams. '
'Writing requires commitment, concentration, conviction and occasional boredom. It’s a combination of those that propels the creative process. In order to have all of these when I settle down to write, it’s best for me to be in a solitary environment.'
'Does any writer, in fact, work well to a background of distraction? His son's violin practice drove Philip Pullman to the shed at the bottom of the garden; Virginia Woolf insisted her shed be free of any adornment.'
Linda Hoy reflects on the contribution made by Thoreau to present ideas about the natural world and the value of walking to mental and physical health.
Wrapping herself around cables so as to sleep and brushing her teeth in cattle cars, Cynthia Rogerson rode freight from San Francisco to Salt Lake City. She reflects on how those journeys, and the strategies she developed to endure them, continue to shape her fiction.
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