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I used to read a book each week. Today I feel as if I write a book each week. I do daily journalling which I call my therapeutic poetic processing, helping me to make sense of our current confusing times. I read at least one book each month about equality and diversity.

Andy Jackson speaks with John Greening about writing groups, imposter syndrome, getting published perhaps too early and being inspired by people rather than things.

'It's all tied together in plots that took Wodehouse up to two years to develop, but only three months to write. His stories take us on a visit to a world of stately homes, private chefs, private incomes and leisured ease.'
'A poet who does not figure in my childhood anthology but who has become very important for me in adulthood is Emily Dickinson. If Dylan Thomas introduces you to intoxication, Dickinson shows you how to distill it.'

Ali Knight explores the murky depths of the Grand Union Canal in Londonand explains how it inspires her crime fiction.

John Greening takes us to the poetic village of Little Gidding and its nearby literary landmarks.

Miranda Miller introduces us to Henry James’ Lamb House in Rye and its connections with various writers.

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