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A poet who does not figure in my childhood anthology but who has become very important for me in adulthood is Emily Dickinson. If Dylan Thomas introduces you to intoxication, Dickinson shows you how to distill it.
Crucially, it changes the way you behave. This involves being anti-social; the fact you regularly have to go into a room by yourself and not come out for hours, in some famous cases, days.

Hilary Davies speaks with Julia Copus about the long poem's role in the literary landscape, and discusses her own long poem 'Imperium'.

The RLF provides an inside look at the diverse and surprising ways in which contemporary writers support themselves beyond their writing lives.

Prehistoric cave paintings have long captivated writers. When Hilary Davies visited caves at Le Bugue, they altered her mental state. She felt stripped down, intellectually and spiritually. But then she entered the world of the hunter-gatherers to learn what they might tell us about our relationship to our planet, and turned the lesson into poetry.