All items: James Baldwin

Michael McMillan takes us on a tour through his interdisciplinary creative career, spanning visual arts, theatre and other kinds of writing, collaboration and curating, in 'On Reflection'.

Their care and attention, setting words on paper, makes you feel that thrill of recognition; you know with certainty that what they write is true, and you want to do what they do.
Reading habits become part of our legacy. A family that reads together passes down a wonderful inheritance; words enveloped in love, and thus given meaning.
I am writing to some extent about a city that no longer exists, a city of the mind, and tangled up in it are objective and subjective elements, but it is my experience.

Jonny Wright considers the sobering parallels between the 1959 play A Raisin In The Sun, featuring a black family in Southside Chicago, and the racial inequality, downward economic mobility and defacto housing segregation of contemporary London.

Kerry Young describes her journey from failing 'O'-level English to becoming a successful novelist, and how her writing is a gift both to her late father and to the diverse cultures that have produced contemporary Jamaica.

As a dramatist, Tina Pepler might be expected to ventriloquise. But when it came to telling the stories of Syrians’ suffering in the war – stories of torture, bombed bread queues and lost children – she felt she became a channel. Her job was to make the connection.