All items: John Clare

Ali Knight explores the murky depths of the Grand Union Canal in Londonand explains how it inspires her crime fiction.

John Greening takes us to the poetic village of Little Gidding and its nearby literary landmarks.

Miranda Miller introduces us to Henry James’ Lamb House in Rye and its connections with various writers.

Mary Colson takes us to Olney in north Buckinghamshare, her childhood home and the site of an historic friendship between a poet and a slave trader.

Simon Rae takes us to Great Tew in north Oxfordshire, an estate village that began with lofty aspirations but descended to decrepitude.

Rob Chapman’s working week touches on TV vs. film writing, poet John Clare’s rock-and-roll trajectory and resurrecting a ‘weird’ abandoned novel.

Rob Chapman’s hometown of Sandy, Bedfordshire, is celebrated as the place once visited by the poet John Clare, on a gruelling ninety-mile walk that took him four days and nights. But did he ever actually reach Sandy?

Simon Rae speaks with Carole Angier about his writing life as a poet, biographer, playwright and Young Adult novelist.