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'I stopped to smoke a cigarette, talking aloud to myself in a near-fury that I had a commission waiting for me and no pitch to make, nothing to inspire the officer that she had done the right thing awarding money to a man who'd never written a play. '
'When I was sure that no one was about, I would talk to myself about the play as loudly and urgently as I could. I began to voice the characters. I had loud family rows with myself. The cows stared. The darker it got, the freer I felt. I finished a first draft. '
'It is the loss of faith that I find so resonant today. It is resonant because we no longer stress over how faith-less we are. How would my post-Camus, post Jean-Baptiste man, (a theatre director, not a barrister) behave if he had left that stranger to drown? '
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