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Be yourself. Write the story that is growing in your head, not the one you think an editor might like to read. Be. Yourself.

Jon Mayhew speaks with John Siddique about his typical working day, creating a plausible back-story for Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo while remaining true to Verne’s fictional universe, and making the leap from full-time employment to full-time writing.

Jon Mayhew speaks with John Siddique about schoolkids’ ongoing love of ghost stories, his reasons for getting into teaching, the pros and cons of plot templates, and how his writing career started with a running accident.

I don't mind admitting to reading it several times into my late teens. It seems strange now to think I read the Moomins alongside Lovecraft or Tolkien.
This is going to sound great coming from me, but learn to say 'no'. People will tell you that saying yes makes life interesting, but it isn't true.
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