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My version of Animal Farm would look at how the slave revolt works itself out; it would explore ideas of light-skinned privilege, and look at the privilege literacy gives you.
Newspaper stories act as one of my biggest writing inspirations. I've often come across a random story which gets my imagination going and acts as a way in, and a starting point to explore a new world.
As a scriptwriter, Jonny Wright has grown used to collaborating with other writers over the years. Here he talks about the pleasures and pitfalls of doing so.
To have a black academic defending hip-hop artists meant so much; it helped give our work currency. Dyson would still be critical of our misogyny and homophobia but he could see the brilliance beyond the b-words.
I was in the middle of a fruitless search for a black northern monologue to take back to drama school, and for once I had time to spare before my train arrived. My mind started wandering and I took out my rap pen and pad and started to write.
If I see something amazing I get filled with self-doubt, thinking I myself will never be able to reach the same heights. However if I see something rubbish I don't then think writing is easy, I just think that maybe there's no niche in the market for me.

In ‘Writing vs Life: On Balance’, we talk to a number of RLF writers about the challenges of balancing writing against other aspects of their lives, how to stay grounded, and whether it’s ok for artists to be selfish.

The industry is all about minimising risk and so you yourself have to take that risk. Obviously to take big risks on multiple projects could be financial suicide, and so being selective is key.
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