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While my childhood was in many ways lonely, in my mind I travelled widely. A therapist once asked me who my role models had been, since my parents seemed so absent. I thought for a moment and then said ‘Books’. It was the greatest gift they could have given me.
Roy Bainton asks whether writers improve as they age and explores the long career of a personal literary icon, Ray Bradbury.
As a writer inspired by the natural world, Tiffany Murray has observed the damage being visited upon the environment by unbridled development; here she meditates on how certain writers might process this.

Jon Mayhew speaks with John Siddique about his typical working day, creating a plausible back-story for Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo while remaining true to Verne’s fictional universe, and making the leap from full-time employment to full-time writing.

Science Fiction is still occasionally dismissed as a ‘popular’ genre, without literary merit. Brian Clegg considers why this is and suggests it is time for a change of attitude.
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