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"New Guinea is not at all a childish dream; West Papua is not at all a childish dream. It is a call. You are perfectly right to answer it". I went.
Writing, as Hemingway reminds us, is a craft in which we are all apprentices and no one becomes a master. I have an acute awareness of my need to work every day; my duty to rewrite endlessly.

In ‘Writing vs Life: The Pram in the Hall’, we talk to a number of RLF writers about the challenges of balancing parenthood and a professional writing career, and whether mothers and fathers still have differing experiences in this area.

The RLF takes an inside look at how writers navigate the shoals of literary genre, and how they really see themselves — despite what those book blurbs might say.

Julian Evans speaks further with George Miller about his biography of Norman Lewis, the purpose of biography and the biographer’s obligations, and what Norman might have made of the book.

Julian Evans speaks with George Miller about travel and why a book is not the same as a journey, and how he became a 'reluctant biographer' for Norman Lewis.