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'The Scillies are the place my imagination retreats to when I’m grappling with a plot, or a new set of characters. The uncluttered beauty of the landscape triggers my creativity, which could explain why I return there every year.'
'Suddenly I could write all day, uninterrupted. The only way to describe my elation is by using a metaphor. When horses are released from stables after being locked inside, with no sunlight or fresh air, they gallop across open fields, free at last.'
'Writing, with all its knockbacks and critical judgements, can be a lonely road. Nick Hornby gave up writing novels for a while, claiming that he was sick of his own company, but he couldn’t walk away completely. He became a screenwriter instead.'
Kate Rhodes on her search for the perfect island writing retreat and the famous writers who’ve found solace and inspiration in their own island hideaways.
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