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The keys were similarly stubborn; not so much touch-typing as hammer-throwing. What that did for my finger joints I am only now beginning to find out.
Claim your own space. Never be afraid to step out into unknown territory, armed only with words; they will serve you well. Love fearlessly, giving everything.
At the back are all the books I'm embarrassed to have read; the trashy romances, chick lit, badly written thrillers, comfort reading for a tired brain.
I found a reflection of my own life and ambition in Mansfield's, bought a cheap edition of her short stories, and read them until the binding fell apart and it had to be held together with an elastic band. Her writing became essential to me.

Kathleen Jones tells Frances Byrnes about the mythic relationships between people and their landscapes in her writing — be it a disturbing poem set in her now-abandoned childhood Cumbrian fell home, or fierce non-fiction about the Haida Gwaii islands.

Kathleen Jones explains how writing a hyper-successful biography of a very famous writer nearly destroyed her career.

Mick Jackson recounts the strange time dilation that affects his novel writing, and how he learned to accept it as part of the creative process.

ded for publication but that does not lessen their potential influence. In this miniature memoir – and fierce defence of the epistolary form – the novelist Cynthia Rogerson considers the many ways that letters she has written have affected her life and the lives of those close to her.
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