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Dilys Rose reflects on her work as a librettist, and on the pleasures and occasional difficulties of writing words intended to be sung.
Music has always been a big part of my life. I listen to music constantly, and I search inside the words and rhythms for things I can use in my writing.
Imagine my surprise when I read A Christmas Carol with a fourteen year old who was struggling with it, only to discover I was struggling myself.

Stephen Romer wrestles with a writing workshop, and the surprising worldview of his young participants, at a time of turbulence in his own writing life.

Try to quell the Yorkshireness of your character. As to the actual writing, you tend to be too pedantic, even in fiction; remember to show, not tell.

Trish Cooke speaks with Caroline Sanderson about her children’s picturebooks and the eerie prescience of some of her illustrators, exploring fairytales in books and pantomime, and the real-life tragic roots of a dramatic work for Black Lives Matter.

Whilst that doubting voice will always blow in and out like a season, keep hold of, and do not apologise for, the other voice that asserts that you can do this.
I read to understand better, to try and know more; I keep what I read because the object conjures the ghost of a person, a place, or time, and the feeling that went with it.