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The scariest manifestation of writer's block comes when writing the first draft. You have to trust that the words will come. You must ignore the devil on your shoulder that insists that they won't.
How fantastic it would be for the writer to be granted an impossible insider's view; to hitch a ride on the tailcoat of her words and hear her reader's synapses crackle.
As a child, even after many re-readings, I was oblivious of any heavy-handed religious symbolism, I simply grew to love Lewis's alternative world.
Like most writers, Linda Buckley-Archer has experienced the horror of a looming deadline. But is it better to rush to finish a piece of work, no matter what, or hold off until it is the way you want it to be? As she explains here, there is no easy answer…
For advice to be of any use, it's got to be timely. Unless you're in need of guidance at that juncture you won't be open to receiving it. Writing tips are ten a penny.
Although primarily a visual medium, the cinema has always relied on the novel as a source of inspiration. Linda Buckley-Archer looks at the changing relationship between film and literature, and considers how each had affected the other.
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