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My version of Animal Farm would look at how the slave revolt works itself out; it would explore ideas of light-skinned privilege, and look at the privilege literacy gives you.
These asylum seekers who had come in search of escape, were instead caught in another trap. I, in search of escape too, was spending my nights teaching in what was, in effect, a prison.

Jonny Wright considers the sobering parallels between the 1959 play A Raisin In The Sun, featuring a black family in Southside Chicago, and the racial inequality, downward economic mobility and defacto housing segregation of contemporary London.

Kerry Young describes her journey from failing 'O'-level English to becoming a successful novelist, and how her writing is a gift both to her late father and to the diverse cultures that have produced contemporary Jamaica.

The peripatetic history of the Golden Gospel – an eighth century illuminated manuscript – is pieced together by ‘historical detective’ Max Adams, following a trail of clues that lead from the Canterbury scriptorium where it was first created, to its present-day home in Stockholm.