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Don't be too grateful to anyone for giving you work. You have the talent they need, so by working for them you are doing as much for them as they are for you.
His diary of being a Jewish teenager in Vienna in 1938; a writer doesn't have to be famous to make you think, and feel, and remember their work. I read George Clare's book only once, but I've never been able to forget it.
We look back on our ancestors and especially our female ancestors or impoverished ancestors from a standpoint of extraordinary privilege. When writing about history we have to overcome that feeling of superiority and change our perceptions.
The clear and often poignant honesty that travellers will share with total strangers whom they know they will never see again can be searingly beautiful, and can help create new story ideas.
When Lucinda Hawksley came to revise her biography of Kate Perugini, daughter of Charles Dickens, and an accomplished artist in her own right, she found herself once more fascinated by the life of this talented and unconventional woman, whose work had been neglected for so long.
When Lucinda Hawksley began researching her biography of Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Louise, she didn’t expect to meet opposition from, amongst others, the Royal Archive. But requests for information here and elsewhere went unanswered — which only increased the author’s resolve to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding her subject.
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