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'When I switched from adult fiction to YA, I was suddenly and acutely more aware of my readers than I had been before. Even at the planning and note-taking stage for my first teenage novel, I caught myself wondering: what do people your age want?'
'As you sit at your desk in Bristol Poly tapping away at that Amstrad, break off for a moment to tell me how you do it. Where do your creativity, your self-belief, your enthusiasm, your vitality come from, and where have they gone? '
As a published author, Martyn Bedford has learned to cope with the demands of deadlines and the need to maintain standards in his writing. But, he wonders, does being a professional writer mean losing some of the free-wheeling freshness of one’s early work?
Watching a televised report in his Kowloon bedsit of a now-notorious clash between police and striking miners was the spark which, thirty years on, inspired Martyn Bedford to write a story about his upbringing in a coal-mining community.
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