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'You're doing the right thing by reading everything you can. All the words you've consumed so far, and will do, have infused into the brain I have now. So, thank you! You've flavoured it like gin, with the best botanicals. And you'll like gin, later, as well.'
'My dreams are often literary, occasionally disturbingly so, like that vivid encounter I had with R. S. Thomas before I woke to hear he'd died. I had a rather pleasanter dream about Samuel Palmer; it provoked some 'dream-envy' on Facebook.'

Alyson Hallett tells of how her words came to be carved in stone and laid down in a pavement in the centre of Bath.

Donny O'Rourke pens a testament to the enduring and evolving nature of Glasgow tenements, stone stoics in a city that endlessly cannibalises itself.

Science Fiction is still occasionally dismissed as a ‘popular’ genre, without literary merit. Brian Clegg considers why this is and suggests it is time for a change of attitude.

Clare Pollard talks with Julia Copus about her experiences of motherhood, her thoughts about politics, and how it feels to be labeled a ‘Bad Girl’ of the literary scene.

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