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As a writer of non-fiction and memoir, Miranda France reflects on what makes certain narratives so necessary to us, and why telling stories will never go out of fashion.
'You've started writing your diary in Spanish since discovering that your mother reads it sometimes, but now she's started learning Spanish too. Don't worry, I'm here to tell you that she won't get very far with it.'
Miranda France describes the benefits of translation work for a writer: the chance to study the workings of a novel in detail, the wheels and cogs of composition, how characters drive the action, how the narrative is shaped, and then the awareness of the way different languages work
'Reading as a writer and not just as a reader is a different experience, both richer and less carefree; instead of simply enjoying the ride now you are paying attention to the mechanism that makes it possible'
'I once witnessed the upper deck of a London bus fall silent in a collective attempt to follow the progress of a heated phone conversation between a woman and her boyfriend; although it sounded as though he wouldn't be her boyfriend for much longer.'

Miranda France speaks with Carole Angier about her experiences abroad in Buenos Aires and Spain, the role of mordant humour in her work, and her own journey from travel writing to pure fiction.

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