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Music has always been a big part of my life. I listen to music constantly, and I search inside the words and rhythms for things I can use in my writing.
Be outrageous! When I was your age my writing was very conventional. I wouldn't offend anyone or express any controversial statements for fear of offending someone. Word would get around, I thought.
Morgen Witzel compares history and historical fiction. Good history tells us what probably happened. Good historical fiction tells us what might have happened, and makes us believe it is real.
As a writer of historical fiction, Morgen Witzel has become adept at conveying a feeling of what the past was like through its sensual qualities, of which smell is the most powerfully visceral. As he argues here, there’s nothing like it for creating a psychological mood — or for summoning up unconscious memories.
As a writer of historical fiction, Morgen Witzel wasn’t content to merely imagine what the battle of Crécy was like, he wanted to experience its realities, too. Taking up archery – with an authentic English longbow – was the obvious consequence of this.