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Those worlds saved me during the early, lonely days, and I decided back then that I wanted to create my own worlds to save other people like me.
Bashabi Fraser misses her grandson; Bill Kirton gets lost and found in France; Cynthia Rogerson discovers the joys of gardening.
I dashed something off about my then obsession: Aristocrats. My favourite film at that time was The AristoCats; I don't know if I was confused, or just a terrible snob.

Ian Thomson speaks with Gabriel Gbadamosi about the writer’s need for selfishness, the use of not being comfortable in one’s own skin, subverting Englishness with JG Ballard and writing about Jamaica, Primo Levi and Haiti.

Helena Drysdale speaks with James McConnachie about the treasure trove of her ancestors’ archives, her study of minority ethnic populations in Europe and the endangered languages that help define them, the colonial impositions of the English language, and why you should ask when you don’t know.

Nobody's looking at you and pointing and judging. You should work hard to be listened to, rather than looked at. Please stop staring at yourself.
Maybe nobody would sit around in coffee houses... They'd WhatsApp discussion topics and circulate e-petitions; they'd form online groups and spend their lives and energy having to defeat abusive trolls.
I wrote before I could write. Notebooks filled with lines of scribble and illustrations to represent the stories I knew in my head but couldn't yet render into words.