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Maybe nobody would sit around in coffee houses... They'd WhatsApp discussion topics and circulate e-petitions; they'd form online groups and spend their lives and energy having to defeat abusive trolls.
I wrote before I could write. Notebooks filled with lines of scribble and illustrations to represent the stories I knew in my head but couldn't yet render into words.

Helena Drysdale speaks with James McConnachie about male vs female travel writing, journeys alone and with others, becoming literally radioactive during cancer treatment and chasing the past in Romania, Greece and New Zealand.

Jill Dawson discusses the writers – mostly American, many black – that nourished her through a series of difficult youthful circumstances, offering her 'a shape to discover myself in'.

It would be over twenty years before I had another story published after my first grade success, but I wasn't discouraged. I've never needed a lot of encouragement.
Horatio Clare reflects on the challenges and rewards of researching and writing about his parents’ divorce, and its impact on him as a child.
Locking yourself in the office, if it isn't working for you, staring at the screen, is not the answer. It's feeding the fear.

Trish Cooke speaks with Caroline Sanderson about her children’s picturebooks and the eerie prescience of some of her illustrators, exploring fairytales in books and pantomime, and the real-life tragic roots of a dramatic work for Black Lives Matter.