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'The Mabinogion, then, has some fantastical and imaginative tales, and I’m especially drawn to the way it deals with loss and with grief, which I sometimes think that literature, in all its desire to preserve and record, is always really about. '
'Unplayable, my first novel for younger readers, was inspired by the need to write a bestseller as I teetered on the brink of bankruptcy back in 2008. I called a crisis meeting with a bottle of wine, and by the time I went to bed I had the plot. '
I wrote my version of Rapunzel — Zel: Let Out Your Hair: a child whose afro hair grows up and out, not like the version I’d grown up on. In that, Rapunzel’s hair is long and straight and grows downwards and she is rescued by a prince — not a myth I would like to perpetuate.
'When you’re used to publishing work in a book or journal, the idea of having words carved into stone is thrilling — and terrifying. A poem in a pavement is public, that’s public with a capital ‘P’. There are different responsibilities and considerations.'
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