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Alison MacLeod charts the complicated friendship between Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield and asks whether their friendly rivalry was the crucible for their literary legacies.

Robyn Marsack speaks with Cherise Saywell about how her interest in the literature of WW1 led her to the work of Edmund Blunden, about discovering her own grandfather’s WW1 writings, and an astonishing literary surprise.


Robyn Marsack speaks with Cherise Saywell about how she fell into translating the beloved French travel writer Nicolas Bouvier, and the differing challenges of translating prose and poetry.

'I see smokers on the subway or train preparing to smoke as soon as they can find a permitted place, fingering their cigarettes, rolling their tobacco. Fortunately my habit is portable and not prohibited.'
'I found a reflection of my own life and ambition in Mansfield's, bought a cheap edition of her short stories, and read them until the binding fell apart and it had to be held together with an elastic band. Her writing became essential to me.'
'Without the invitation I would never have brought these disparate experiences together, never compared the perspectives on writing and gardens they offered, never combined autobiography and architectural comment. What luck! What a pleasure. '
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