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'Thank you Sister Marie Joseph, for reading us Bible stories every day, shining a light on a world of conflict and drama and complex family relationships like no other. I still bring flowers to your grave. And Miss Medland, for encouraging me to write stories.'
'London is of course, a literary city, a city of writers... A few of those writers lived in my neighbourhood. All have walked the same streets I have. We've drunk in at least one or two of the same pubs. Crossed and ridden on the same river. '
Mary Poppins blew into town in 1934, 'plain, vain and incorruptible'. But she is a curiously timeless creature, and Marcelle Bernstein, who discovered her in middle age, found it impossible to read Mary Poppins without also reading through to her creator P.L. Travers. Beneath the magical realism of the Poppins storylines, she discerned a dark fear of abandonment.
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