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Childhood memories of watching his mother cook inspired Donny O’Rourke’s lifelong interest in cooking — as did his voracious reading of writers, ranging from Dickens to Simenon, whose novels celebrate good food.
For Katherine Stansfield, travelling by train and reading have always been intertwined, and writing on trains comes naturally. She reflect on whether it’s the rhythm of the train itself – or the overheard conversations – which are so inspiring.

Cynthia Rogerson contemplates the literary spurs of exile and outsiderhood, wonders whether she would have written any novels if she’d simply stayed at home in the USA, and explains why being a writer is easier in Scotland than in California.

Brian McAvera considers what we’ve lost in favouring naturalistic, TV-esque theatre over the wider and deeper possibilities offered by non-naturalism.

A 'little hell' was how Patricia Highsmith described her Texan childhood. Seeking inspiration for her novel about the troubled writer, Jill Dawson travels to Fort Worth — and finds answers that go beyond the bounds of writing.