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Penny Black, Jonny Wright, Gabriel Gbadamosi, Sanjida O'Connell, Dipo Agboluaje, Shelley Silas and Leila Rasheed tell us about the book they're currently reading.
'Think I need a fag, but sadly no longer smoke. Have a belated post-lunch coffee, sit down at the computer; doorbell goes. Take in two large boxes. Sit down at the computer, turn off phone, close office door, take a deep breath.'
'I viewed myself as split in two, and yet this duality became my career, as I started translating German plays for British theatre not long after the Berlin wall came down. Here, being the outsider gave me untold advantages.'
Dipo Agboluaje, Shelley Silas, Jonny Wright, Gabriel Gbadamosi, Leila Rasheed, Penny Black and Sanjida O'Connell discuss their desert island book.
'Many of us have Kindles and yet we still buy books, because sometimes we just want something to hold. Or because it's easier to study from a book. On the tube, at least half the carriage are reading something.'
'The English version is in the bottom drawer, but the German translated version had a wonderful life at a theatre in Heilbronn, as did the next play about stroke. So science and health drive my inspiration it would appear...'
'When life began to be all about organising carers, care homes, sale of the family home, I surprised myself by turning to fantasy; the joy of sitting down on the bus for a few minutes and entering another world. '
'I have discovered I can write a disgustingly grisly murder. I don't know why. I haven't had a violent past. I've never worked for the judiciary, or the police. I just really enjoy writing nasty things.'
Researching her play about Emile Flöge, friend and business partner of the artist Gustav Klimt, Penny Black uncovered the fascinating story that lay behind the artist’s most famous painting.

Penny Black speaks with Frances Byrnes about teenage summers in Vienna, the shock of revisiting old contracts, and how her desire to speak perfect German accidentally led to a passionate career in writing for theatre.

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