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Researching her play about Emile Flöge, friend and business partner of the artist Gustav Klimt, Penny Black uncovered the fascinating story that lay behind the artist’s most famous painting.

Courttia Newland speaks with Catherine O'Flynn about childhood inspiration from TV and music, his doubts about diversity initiatives in publishing and the threads linking his work across different media and genres.

The task of reading is to form an order from this confusion; to arrange these influences into a new beginning.
Dilys Rose reflects on her work as a librettist, and on the pleasures and occasional difficulties of writing words intended to be sung.

Christie Dickason speaks with Gabriel Gbadamosi about truthfulness in writing, why she chose the 17th century for her historical novels, and the influence on her work of being a 'wild child'.

Give yourself time to dream; the best ideas will sneak up on you in spare moments. Most of writing is thinking.

Trish Cooke speaks with Caroline Sanderson about her children’s picturebooks and the eerie prescience of some of her illustrators, exploring fairytales in books and pantomime, and the real-life tragic roots of a dramatic work for Black Lives Matter.

As a keen member of a Boy Scouts troop, Donny O’Rourke found an early outlet for his talents as a writer and composer. Here he reflects on what the movement meant to him.