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Ian Thomson reads Dante's Divine Comedy as a spiritual journey that resonates with his own experience of addiction.

It's a leap in the dark. But every writer comes to a point where the gains outweigh the risks, where the financial burden is second to wanting to just do it.
I don't aspire to be an inadequate orator, or chant slogans, or heckle speakers. I am the scribe. I record, I argue, I raise awareness and I try to persuade others through my words.
Young people growing up today have in general abandoned the age-old tradition of diary writing in favour of recording their experiences photographically, and posting them on social media.
Your own complete ignorance of the world and everything in it... enables you to find almost everything interesting; an ignorance which will stay with you until you are as old as I am now.
Now I didn't need him to read to me anymore, that our sitting down side by side, and his joy in reading to me, was ended; guilt then, infests my reading habits from their beginning.
How it feels when I do it is how I imagine flying would feel to a bird; sometimes just what I do, sometimes an utter freedom.
Most writers rely to a greater or lesser extent on memory, but what exactly do our memories consist of? Rob Chapman considers the role memory has played in his writing.