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Sonia Faleiro shares how independent booksellers – from India to Italy – have provided a refuge and a guiding light throughout her life and career.
Penny Boxall considers literary forgeries and the nature of copying published works, asking whether such counterfeits can ever be considered literature in their own right.
Marcus Chown describes the early months of the lockdown in London, and how his native city was transformed.
'I'm inspired by novelists who reveal the extraordinary in what are patronisingly called 'everyday people'; that refusal to confine interest to life's winners... in Carter's work, and in Mantel's.'
'You didn't know that the same shifts in history writing which meant that Unstead could write history for children largely from below, was also changing history for grown ups, and so changing the path you'd marked out for yourself.'

Katharine Quarmby spends a diary week researching and editing her first novel, a work of historical fiction inspired by a cruel act of punishment, and finds the process surprisingly familiar.

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