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In this installment of 'How I Write', Royal Literary Fund fellows discuss the relative merits of pen versus computer, the role stationery can play in planning, and some of the pros and cons of writing software.


In this installment of 'My Favourite Book', we hear from Royal Literary Fund fellows about what makes particular books special to them, from subject matter and style to larger-than-life characters and those all-important opening lines.


RLF writers lay out their reasons for calling someone their favourite author, exploring the role that biography, style, message and childhood influences play in fostering powerful affinities.

'The reality of my writing life isn't to do so much with the material places where I write, but the space inside my head. I don't really need a perfect setting. It's taken me years to realise.'
'Harper Lee warned that writers need a thick hide, but even elephants and rhinos feel pain. No matter how hard boiled you think you are, that brief email or fat envelope in the post can always induce new and exquisite agony.'

Pippa Little speaks with Geoff Hattersley about poetry in her African and Scottish childhood, building a career as an early school leaver and her return to Higher Education, and her approaches to writing.

'I write far too much, I think, which means I have to decide which poems make it out of the notebook. Many are left behind. '
'In one particular light some stories end, in another they reach different conclusions or remain unfinished; neither of us is finished. All I am telling you about then, I am also telling myself now. So what do I most want to to say to you?'
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