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Trish Cooke speaks with Caroline Sanderson about her Dominican heritage, her Yorkshire upbringing, how her parents’ love of stories inspired her as a teller of tales, and how her career kicked off in multiple directions all at once.

Susan Fletcher explores the experience of outsiderhood, both physical and social, and its influence on her writing, and wonders whether readers, too, are increasingly recognising themselves in outsider protagonists.

Lucy Flannery describes how an idle moment on twitter led to her accidentally writing a novel, and how the process of doing so raised old demons about her right to be an author.

Nicola Baldwin describes her first forays into writing about medical science, and how this became a major theme in her playwriting.
Writing, for me, is a journey of discovery. I don't know how to reach my inner brain, my subconscious, without using writing as a form of extraction; a kind of archaeological dig.
Listening to the radio as a child sparked Martin Sketchley’s lifelong love of the medium, and inspired his early writing of radio drama.

Rukhsana Ahmad speaks with John Siddique about her peripatetic childhood in Pakistan, how her concern for other people motivates her to keep writing across years and genres, and how she’s avoided the constraints of the ‘post-colonial’.

For me, writing real stories or stories based on truth is a more responsible job; it requires skill and authenticity, as much as possible based on whatever information you can obtain.
Rhiannon Tise’s fascination with abandoned buildings and derelict man-made spaces dates back to her early teens, and has inspired much of her writing. She reflects on the reasons why.