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As a writer of historical fiction, Miranda Miller has long been accustomed to seeing the world in duplicate, both as it exists in the present and as it once existed in the past. For her, walking around London or Rome involves a kind of ‘double vision’, allowing her to see each place in its current and former incarnations.

MIranda Miller works to finish a novel, visits an exhibition related to an old one, and considers whether she wants to ‘be a brand’ in the brave new world of 21st century publishing, in her audio diary.

We also feature two recent pieces from the Vox section of our website, 'Letter to my younger self', from John Greening and Mary Colson.

The artist Richard Dadd was incarcerated for decades in Bethlem hospital – the original ‘Bedlam’. Researching her trilogy of novels led Miranda Miller to the hospital archives, where her long-incarcerated and long-silenced protagonist finally found a living voice.