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'Jayne Anne Phillips' slim collection Sweethearts was published when she was in her early twenties. She does not refer to its contents as stories or poems; she calls the writing ‘pieces’. Each is a page, a snapshot of small-town American life. '
'Richard Ford inspires me. When I read him, I want to be a better father, a better man and a much, much better writer. I will never be as good a writer as Richard Ford’s books make me want to be. ‘Fear and hope are alike underneath,’ above my desk.'
'You wanted so badly to be good at it, and you were worried that you'd find out that you were not. Worried that you would find out you were not up to it, or only liked the idea of being a writer, and not the reality.'

Andrew Cowan speaks with Bethan Roberts about growing up as a working class boy in Corby, eventually taking a Creative Writing MA mostly because he liked being a student, the way his writing proceeds from the visual to the written to the auditory and the slow genesis and under-appreciated success of his first novel.


Annette Kobak considers the lessons that other artforms might provide to the practising writer, including suggestions from her own experiences as a writer and painter.

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