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Ruth Thomas explains how the publishing industry went cool on her genre, and how a 60p discovery at a charity book fair helped her regain her mission and extend her range.

Mimi Thebo considers the myriad ways writers can fail, and describes how she came back from failure, and before that, from something even more serious.

Becoming a mother meant that my physical space as well as my mental space went through a lot of changes; the corner of the room where I used to write was no longer available, after a couple of years the whole flat where I used to write was no longer big enough.
Re-reading the diaries she wrote during the early nineteen-nineties, when she taught English in Buenos Aires, Ruth Thomas found that – as well as details of day-today life – she’d recorded more about Argentina’s political upheavals than she remembered doing at the time.

Ruth Thomas speaks with Kona Macphee about short- and long-form fiction, the role of imagery in her work and the challenges of balancing life and career.