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'For complete relaxation, crime fiction from several countries, especially America, Britain and Scandinavia; these are the books I most enjoy as they have nothing to do with my work... or so it was until now.'
'Scott Fitzgerald... was frequently blocked. He patched several gaps in his novels by appropriating parts of his wife Zelda's letters, articles, diary, and Save Me the Waltz, her first novel, without her permission.'
'Should I give way to this common feeling that artists should contribute something to society; that is, in addition to our work? The writer throughout history has always been a defender of the individual.'
'I didn't even bother to line up with the other girls. I marched straight to the 'wallflower' seats and opened up my novel. So entranced was I in the plot that I didn't notice the smart line up of boys.'
'Loving a person can make one vulnerable, dependent and often terribly silly; loving a book can make you strong and independent, the object of admiration, respect, esteem.'
From the early years of her writing career, Sally Cline has lived near water: by a river or by the sea. She considers how this has influenced her writing.
For many years, Sally Cline has lived a ‘secret life’, spending summers away from her Cambridge home in Austin, Texas. But are her two lives so very different after all?
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