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'In many ways, the ‘pram in the hallway’ has not been, for me, ‘a sombre enemy of good art’. Having a child has given me access to different types of people, places and concerns, as well as reconnecting me with my own childhood. '
'I have prints of white flowers by Georgia O’Keefe, and Hannah McVicar; a set of wooden angel wings from one of my closest friends. I only have books that are useful or inspirational to the writing process, and my own published works are here. '
'I once sat on a panel with two British Asian male crime writers. There to discuss 'diversity', the three of us brown-skinned authors looked out over a sea of white faces. We were, in fact, the only non-Caucasians in the entire festival.'
Penny Black, Jonny Wright, Gabriel Gbadamosi, Sanjida O'Connell, Dipo Agboluaje, Shelley Silas and Leila Rasheed tell us about the book they're currently reading.
'As writers, we are all anthropologists, observing the natives and commenting on their customs. As writers, we can tap into that feeling of being an outsider in order to document the human soul.'
'I've now had twelve books published and am writing my thirteenth. Being an author is a little like stepping into a boxing ring; a few brief moments of adoration and celebration before the next round of punches.'
Dipo Agboluaje, Shelley Silas, Jonny Wright, Gabriel Gbadamosi, Leila Rasheed, Penny Black and Sanjida O'Connell discuss their desert island book.
'I think of myself as a brand; Sanjida Kay, the thriller writer, or Sanjida O'Connell, who writes literary fiction. And since I am a brand I only write or post about a version of myself, where everything relates to the writing.'
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