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Shelley Harris speaks with Bethan Roberts about prose perfectionism and embracing the ‘dirty first draft’, the fear of ‘using up’ all your talent, other disabling myths about writerhood and the writer’s ideal superpower.


Shelley Harris speaks with Bethan Roberts about writers’ outsiderhood, the influence of moving to the UK from South Africa as a child, overcoming a crippling fear of failure and having her first published novel picked for the Richard and Judy book club.

'I write because I found out early that it was very, very good fun: there was licence and liberty in it. I could make something real and true just by thinking it up,'
The Saturday jobs of our youth played an important role in the development of imaginative thinking and resilience — so Isabel Ashdown believes. Here, she talks to writers about their early work experiences and asks: ‘Has it made you a better writer?’
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