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Courttia Newland speaks with Catherine O'Flynn about childhood inspiration from TV and music, his doubts about diversity initiatives in publishing and the threads linking his work across different media and genres.

Ian Thomson speaks with Gabriel Gbadamosi about the writer’s need for selfishness, the use of not being comfortable in one’s own skin, subverting Englishness with JG Ballard and writing about Jamaica, Primo Levi and Haiti.

I figure out whole narratives in two miles; if I don't have my notebook I'll forget the stories. The dogs are always knackered.
It would be over twenty years before I had another story published after my first grade success, but I wasn't discouraged. I've never needed a lot of encouragement.
One memorable weekend I shed seventeen thousand words. The corollary of writing a loose first draft is being ready for the sacrifice it entails.
There's more creativity in a collection of science fiction stories than in a whole library of literary giants replaying the same human failings over and again.
My single-line sentence raised questions. Who was the woman? Why was she vulnerable to an affair? Who did she have it with? Why did she end it? Why did the lover blackmail her?