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I am no longer young or teetotal. I have a respectable number of friends, and a couple of dependants, and the six to eleven a.m. timetable is definitely a thing of the past. The eager young neophyte has turned into a sluggish and weary professional.
What held me was the brilliant, innovative and charming way in which Stone presented the people he had met during his research; the men, women and children whose lives had been affected.
I only discovered thrillers a year or so ago but they soon became an addiction; in fact I've probably read as many in the first five decades of my life as I've read in the past year and I am queasily aware that habit is beginning to blunt my reading palate.

Catherine O’Flynn dissects her enthusiasm for failed utopias, such as the ghost real estate ventures of the Spanish Riviera, and the influence of growing up surrounded by the 'bizarre and melancholy landscaped public spaces' of Birmingham.

Siân Rees takes us to Asunción in Paraguay, where magical realism makes sense and ghosts haunt the landscape and the imagination.