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'Eventually, you’ll forgive the person who thought it would be character building to bang you up in a convent school run mainly by dysfunctional nuns. Here you will be forced to take elocution lessons to rid you of your rather peculiar accent. '
'As writers, we are all anthropologists, observing the natives and commenting on their customs. As writers, we can tap into that feeling of being an outsider in order to document the human soul.'

In ‘My Hero', we talk to a number of RLF writers about their personal heroes, and how those heroes have had an impact on their lives and their writing.

Although writers are often asked about their favourite tools – from pens to laptops – the chairs on which they sit to write are seldom mentioned. Alex Games wonders why so little attention has been paid to this crucial piece of furniture.
'Alice turned me into an addict. I became an avid reader, always in search of fantasies; science fiction, adventure, mysteries and later detective fiction and romances, in both English and Urdu, fed my insatiable thirst.'
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