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Rebecca Goss speaks with John Greening about collaboration with artists and photographers, the various uses of pamphlets at different stages of a writing career, her return to Suffolk and curiosity about rural life and the continuing importance of loving the process of writing.


Rebecca Goss speaks with John Greening about the poetry collection Her Birth and the process of writing it, starting out as a writer and the influence of English teachers, pushing herself in new directions with language in Girl and fighting to break away from couplets.

'The countryside is now the setting for my evolving relationship with my daughter as she grows. I watch her physically change in an ever-changing landscape. I consider the mental shift that has taken place in order to return to Suffolk in my middle age.'

Bethan Roberts yearns for Anglesey, a place of family history, childhood holidays and a beautiful, mysterious family language.

Morgen Witzel explores the moods of Dartmoor, and surveys the many writers, including himself, who have been inspired by its solitude.

Rebecca Goss looks up at the skies she's lived beneath, and considers how they've shaped her writing from above.

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