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'We make a fire at dusk and dance around it in wild leaps to stave off the sharp chill of early frost. I can smell the smoke from the birchwood. And as night falls, I see that our fire is the only light in this immense primeval darkness.'
'We can all be writers of the city. We move through them like a pen scribbles across a paper, adding and deleting. We avoid the threat, inertia and paranoia, and dream of freedom, possibility and excitement.'
'To me, writing is very much like archaeology; the uncovering of the layers of meaning to find the bare bones of story. We reimagine the setting, looking for the imprint of human life.'
'Far from home, in a new language, I could reinvent myself and write myself into the land. A decade later when my first novel was accepted for publication, some people found it odd I wasn't writing in my mother tongue. '
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