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Nicola Baldwin describes her first forays into writing about medical science, and how this became a major theme in her playwriting.
Quality TV drama writers inspire me to script scenes exactly as they happen in my head and to learn from the way people speak in real life... at the most dramatic moments of our lives, we rarely channel Shakespeare.

Rick Stroud speaks with Robin Blake about how his film-making background influences his literary projects, his fascination with WW2 and the projects it has led him to, and his love of simple, clear writing.

Dipo Agboluaje explains how migrating from London to his family’s homeland of Nigeria as a young boy shaped his interest in playwriting, with inspiration along the way from diverse mythologies.

Penny Hancock wonders when it's legitimate, if your professional occupation leaves you free to manage your own time and involves an activity other people do simply for pleasure, to say that writing is your career?

Newspaper stories act as one of my biggest writing inspirations. I've often come across a random story which gets my imagination going and acts as a way in, and a starting point to explore a new world.
As a scriptwriter, Jonny Wright has grown used to collaborating with other writers over the years. Here he talks about the pleasures and pitfalls of doing so.
Planning and plaiting the story strands can seem like just more hardcore displacement activity, until you don't do it, and in the middle of writing find yourself falling down an enormous plot hole.